When I was a teenager I began to experience what I call the “inflammation effect”. I began to look like an inflated balloon and I had no idea why! You name the diet, I tried it, and I will tell you that eating cabbage soup for 5 days straight is no fun. I exercised daily and still did not achieve the results and body that I wanted. It wasn’t until someone told me that nutrition was actually a career that the lightbulb went on…I could discover my own answers by learning about science, the body and the makeup of foods. So that’s what I did. With a bachelors in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Applied Physiology from Columbia University, I began to get some real answers. After testing and approving these theories on myself and my loved ones, my next step was to share my discoveries with those who needed me.


After 10 years in practice, professional experience has been the best school yet.  I have had the opportunity to counsel individually, lead corporate wellness classes, and speak publicly on numerous occasions. As adjunct professor at Miami Dade Community College I taught Principles of Nutrition to eager college students. Television programs like Univision's  Despierta America and Telemundo's Levantate also called on me for my nutritional expertise. With a focus on behavior change and having constant interaction with all of my clients, I help many to reach goals they have only dreamed of.



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