In-person nutrition counseling


Tell me your story, so I can devise a plan that is right for you. During our first session together we will discuss your past, your present and your future.


• “Past” topics include your lab work, medical history, family history, weight and diet history, and exercise history.

• “Present” topics are all about what you are doing now.

•  We will discuss your “future” in terms of goals, expectations and how we are going to make new habits fit into your old lifestyle.


At the end of our session, you will receive a personalized meal plan and grocery list, including food and supplement recommendations.


Our follow-up sessions together is where we discuss putting these behavior changes into action. This is NOT A DIET, FORGET ABOUT BEING PERFECT. Each day will bring new events, new successes and new challenges. I want to know about all of them. Discussing experiences together helps us build your path towards your ultimate goal. Services available in English and Spanish.











Online counseling


Whether you are geographically challenged or have a schedule that does not allow you to come and meet me in person, I also offer remote consultations. I am happy to communicate with you via phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Weight Management

Nutrition Throughout Pregnancy

Hormone Imbalance

Sports Nutrition




Lipid Disorders

High Blood Sugar

High Blood Pressure


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